Sunday, February 26, 2012

Monday Mojo.... Some Music Please!

Sheesh, I've been so remiss lately..... sorry everyone whose blog I usually get to. I seem to be lacking about another 10 hours in the day lately - bleh.

Time for some music... that always helps me get my mojo back.

This song was played at the first 'disco' I ever went to in my youth (all those years ago), and it was my most favourite song EVA. (At the time - ha ha).

I don't have it on cd or anything else at home, so I can't blast it from my stereo, but at least I can enjoy it on Youtube.

Yep, my musical tastes are wide and varied. (But you already knew that!)

I'll be back some time in the coming week with the afore promised cushion cover give-away that I mentioned a few weeks back.

Happy Monday everyone, and may your mojo be with you this week in everything you do.

Linda. xox



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