Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A bunch of really cool ideas that are modern contemporary...

A bunch of really cool ideas that are modern contemporary... 

Today I have picked out a series of things to share with all of you in the world of modern contemporary items. I have things such as tables, chairs, nightstands.. a whole slew of things that are not only unique but will make any room in your home shine and really make a statement about your tastes...

Enjoy the pics and post...

The collection by Loren Marsh... Amazing collection of odd pieces that are right for just about any area of your home.. 

Maybe it’s just the professional photography–but New York-based Lorin Marsh’s line of furniture is infused with an architectural elegance that crosses the boundaries of traditional, contemporary and transitional furniture. Above: the metropolitan Plinth cocktail table is supported by two bronze monoliths with wide bases that resemble the load-bearing components of a bridge, while both the Eclipse and Handle Bar tables feature thinner, more wiry frames. The Eclipse is made from stainless steel, while the Handle Bar’s base is crafted from brown Parisian iron and topped with a limestone slab.

Wood never looked so good: the Solitaire dining table is a solid table with a pleasant mix of rounded and squared elements, and is absolutely stunning in glossy Macassar ebony. Simpler but more contemporary, the Cube is named after the slick lacquered wood block that sits on its stainless steel base.

Lorin Marsh clearly prefers an eclectic variety of materials; the U bench has a fairly basic design but is clad in textured metal to give it a more imposing, stone-like presence. Similarly, the Nesting Tables also look to be made from concrete or rock, but are actually wrapped in Mink goatskin with polished nickel hardware accents. Lastly, sandstone-like paneling on the Waterfall cocktail table is actually bleached goatskin, also accented with polished nickel around the underside.

Like prop pieces from a ritzy Art Deco movie, the Glam sofa and club chair have flared and vertically ribbed backs with smooth, rounded arms. Beautifully upholstered in metallic silver fabric and finished with dark wooden legs, these chairs are sophisticated and flashy – much like Hollywood celebrity of the 20s and 30s. The Tivoli game table andJansen chest complement the Glam collection, as they are both sheathed in stainless steel and accented with classy gold and brass; with shiny furniture like this, it’s no wonder that celebs seem to perpetually sport sunglasses.

Significantly more subdued but just as classy, the Fretwork ottomanand Maze desk feature dark, geometric frames with. Both pieces highlight a playful tendency to form similar elements from fairly different materials; while the Fretwork’s frame is made from maple wood, the Maze is actually perched on iron legs.

Saving the best for last: the Laslo chandelier is a stunning 12-light fixture with fancy serpentine arms juxtaposed against a futuristic, satin nickel frame. This unique blending of contemporary and traditional design is classic Lorin Marsh. In an age of mass-produced me-toos, quality innovation–even if it draws on historical influences–is always welcomed by the discerning consumer.

The Eero Aarnio Collection.... Fashionable, Unique, impactful.. 

Finnish designer Eero Aarnio is a man whose works likely need no introduction: his iconic Ball Chair is easily one of the most recognizable chairs in modern design. Despite being designed in 1963, this fiberglass chair is permanently anachronistic: it continues to seem like something you’d see in the not-too-distant future. Even more futuristic (and undoubtedly swank) is the Bubble variant which hangs from the ceiling and is made out of clear acrylic with a chromed steel trim.

The Keinu rocking chair is a labor of love; although Eero’s first draft was created in 1983, it took another twenty years before he would allow a more refined version to see production. A product of two decades and two centuries, the chair’s chrome frame is decidedly retro with an ebullient, circular shape (note the small ball stop–yes, it’s that round!), while the seat is somewhat more contemporary and is upholstered in tightly wrapped leather.

Eero clearly loves to have fun with his work; his Double Bubble Lamp (at top, apparently being worshiped by Ball Chairs) is youthful yet grandiose. Available in three sizes, the largest version stands nearly four feet tall, with all sizes being powered by two light sources in the bubbles and one in the leg.

From oversized fiberglass screw tables (1991) and the racing-inspired Formula Chair (1998) to his Focus Chairs (2002) and playful TIPI birds(2002), Eero shows no signs of slowing down. A creative yet playful force of nature in his own right, Aarnio’s overriding philosophy is best summarized by a quote about his fanciful Pony Chair: “It’s quite simply a lovely piece that brings a smile to my face. Hope it brings one to yours too.”

There you have it, a bunch of really cool modern items... 

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