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All about Living rooms...

All about Living rooms...

Today I am sharing with all of you little known items for your living rooms.. and of course usually our favorite room to renovate and redecorate.. All of us love to redo our living rooms as it is usually the focal point of any modern home.. Well here are some things that will make your shine..

Enjoy the pics and post...

A Great Coffee Table...

The coffee table is an oft overlooked piece of furniture, but the right coffee table can make or break a living room. But what makes a coffee table a coffee table? And what modern styles are out there? We here at Padstyle are here to answer all of your coffee table-related questions.
Possibly the most defining feature of a coffee table is its long, low shape. It normally has shorter legs than a side table or a bistro table, and it is usually oval or rectangle as opposed to circular or square in shape. This is so that it can be placed in front of a sofa and compliment its long form and be at just the right height for easy access to anything on its surface.
However, not all coffee tables are created equal. These basic features don’t come close to describing a truly modern coffee table. Some are tall, some are short; some are wide, some are thin; some are made of wood, some are made of glass; and all of them can compliment their surroundings if placed appropriately.
You can have a coffee table that matches a handful of side tables, or you can create an eclectic look using a variety of shapes and styles. The coffee table you choose can be made of glass, wood, chrome, plastic or any material of your choosing, as long as it is sturdy and stable.
A coffee table is an integral part of a living room, because it centers all the other furniture. Your sofa set will pop if you incorporate the right coffee table – but it could fizzle if you choose the wrong one. Coffee tables are also used as a gathering place, so you’ll likely want yours to be warm and inviting.
Consider size, placement, texture and material when picking out your coffee table – you’ll thank yourself later.

Colorful Splashes....

Colorful Styles by Lazzari is a fresh, funky and functional storage solution for the modern home. If you’re looking for a way to organize while enhancing your home’s style, the modular storage containers from Lazzari are just what you need. They’re not only extremely practical, but they offer nearly limitless customization and combinations for the creative-minded interior designer in you.
The Padstyle office was lucky enough to get a sample of Lazzari’s products, and we liked what we saw. We got to try out a large, square, navy blue storage container with a tan leather handle and an ID slot for easy identification. The craftsmanship was nothing short of superb, and just what you would expect from a top-name Italian furniture producer. It fit on our office shelves, and is the perfect size for any standard bookshelf. We raved about the soft nylon combined with the rigid edges to keep its shape. And those of us who are a bit on the crazy side of organized absolutely adored the zipper top – you don’t realize how often things spill until you prevent that with a lid.
Lazzari offers not only these simple, modular, portable drawers, but also the storage modules to put them in. Cubed, rectangular, simple and stylish, they have storage solutions for all types. Each of their furniture pieces is designed to fit the varied-sized drawers and containers that Lazzari creates.
One of the features that will excite your imagination is the color palate that Lazzari products display. Navy blue, canary yellow, vibrant orange, rose red, lime green, beige, white and a whole bunch of playful patterns including bunnies, cherries, cars and flags adorn the storage bins. These can be mixed and matched to achieve your perfect color balance, or you can purchase multiple sizes in the same color for more uniformity.
We are impressed with the variety of modular storage containers and units that Lazzari offers, and we hope you are too.

TV Stand Type 1...

Welcome to the future of home entertainment furniture. It’s great when you have all the latest gadgets in your home theater, but without the stylish, modern furniture to compliment them, your decor is going to fall flat. The Essex TV Stand goes beyond just reinforcing the modern electronics you might own, and becomes a style icon in its own right. The two glass floating shelves are adjustable, and perfect for smaller sized LCD or plasma TVs. The stainless steel support beam and sturdy whitened oak base are functional and modern. This is a sophisticated piece that will bring out the best in small or large home theaters. You can purchase the Essex TV Stand in Whitened Oak at AllModernFurniture.com for $880.00.

The perfect wall Unit...

Modern, modular, functional, and fashionable. The Nino wall unit is made up of several elements that can combine in a variety of ways based on the shape, size and style of your home theater or living room. The modular aspect of this unit makes it appealing to the designer who loves to change and upgrade his or her style, as well as someone who wants to have some control over the layout of their modern home. This set includes an abundance of shelves, drawers, cupboards, and surface areas to hold all of your home theater devices and curios. The Nino wall unit can be purchased for $1815.00 from FurnitureByDuval.com.

A Great Coffee Table...

Reflect your love of art and functionality. This coffee table is more than just a place to stick your drinks and magazines. It is a piece of industrial art, crafted from your choice of extra white glass, mirrored glass, or smoke grey mirrored glass. Guaranteed to be a conversation piece at your next party, you can use this as a central table or as an accent table and the effect will be the same: stunned guests and a beautiful addition to modern decor. The angular glass will reflect its surroundings in creative and unique ways, and your living room will embrace modern style to its fullest. The Otto Modern Coffee Table is available now at Spacify.com for $1,741.00.

A Nice Lounger...

Plush, curved comfort. The shape of the Tango Chaise Lounge is so inviting, your guests won’t want to leave 
after they’ve experienced it’s embrace. This lounge chair takes the retro favorite, kidney shaped design, and updates it to match your modern living room. This chair has a thick, smooth shape, accented by chrome feet. You can choose between a left arm (pictured) or right arm, and either citrus, black, robin, caramel or cherry upholstery. This is the perfect size for a single person to lean back and kick their feet up, or for two people to snuggle up close on the ultra padded seat. You will find the Tango Chaise Lounge at ModernFurniture.com for $1,649.99.

Perfect Shelving....

Custom, contemporary shelving. This fully configurable shelf can be arranged as a group of four units, or spread out along your wall if you need to fill up some space. It comes with four octagonal compartments that you can arrange in a variety of patterns. This shelving unit is not only stylish and modern, but it is functional as well, offering two surface areas per shelf. You can order the S-Tone Shelf in either white or wenge finish, and it would look stunning in any living room looking for a modern accent piece that is functional as well. The S-Tone Shelf can be found at PlushPod.com for $375.00.

TV wood frames

Frame your home theater in a style that you define. You want your home theater to be equipped with all the latest high-def gadgets and devices, while at the same time unified in a style that you can call your own. HD Envy offers fully customizable flat panel TV frames in styles as limitless as your imagination. With everything from smooth and modern leather, traditional wood, pristine plastic, contemporary ceramic and more, HD Envy will work with you to create a unique frame for your LCD or plasma TV that will not only impress your guests, but will also add the perfect finishing touch to your living room or home theater. They offer custom, affordable framing solutions for all sizes and brands of LCD or plasma HDTVs. You can order your very own custom flat panel TV frame by visiting HDEnvy.com.

Perfect Living room accents..

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