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Cool Tips for interior decorators...

Cool Tips for interior decorators...

Today I am sharing with all of you miscellaneous tips for those of you that are remodeling or simply thinking about changing up a room in your home. I have how to create a perfect contemporary nursery, what types of floors work best in home decking, what to do about that long narrow hallway, and an idea as to your bathroom vanity..

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A contemporary nursery...

Chances are, your baby isn’t too fussy about the style of their room at least until they become a toddler so why not create a contemporary look until you have to change it to a princess or superhero theme? You’re spending a lot of time in the nursery so when the surroundings make you feel good, your baby will pick up on your feelings and be more relaxed.
  • Color Palette – Use one wall to paint darker and leave the others as a calming neutral. Ideally, you will use three colors to make up your palette like beige, chocolate and white or white, black and lime green, etc.
  • Furniture – The furniture should fit with your color scheme, be minimal and positioned so there is plenty of space, allowing positive energy to flow through and keep you from feeling cramped.
  • Decor – A natural fiber rug in a bold pattern is a great accent as are textured wall art, three-dimensional mobiles, etc. Consider using some type of cabinet to house stuffed animals, toys and other baby gear so it doesn’t look cluttered.
The effect a room has on you will ultimately affect your baby. A contemporary room has been voted very helpful for women who are feeling stressed, overwhelmed or suffering from postpartum depression.

Outdoor decking types...

If you are planning to add a deck to your backyard landscaping, you have quite a few decisions to make, one of those decisions is choosing between wood or composite decking. While either will look spectacular, they both have their clear advantages and disadvantages.
Wood Decks
If price is your main concern, wood is the smart choice. Although you can use several types of wood, pine or fir are the least expensive. Treated lumber is durable and should always be used for structural areas such as floor joists and posts. On the other hand, if you don’t mind spending a little more, cedar and redwood are both gorgeous and they contain natural preservatives, making them more durable. However, that doesn’t mean that they won’t still need a good stain or sealer to keep them attractive.
Composite Decking
These types of decks have become a very popular choice. Although they traditionally cost significantly more than wood, they are extremely low maintenance and very durable. Composite decking is created to look like many different types of wood. Newer decks are often created with hidden fasteners so there are no unsightly screws in any of the boards which is always a bonus as well.
If you are having a hard time deciding on material, most lumber yards will help you out or you can ask the opinion of a professional. An attractive, durable deck will give you a place to enjoy the outdoors for many years and will add to the value of your home.

What to do with that long narrow hallway...

It is surprising how many homes are exquisitely decorated with exceptional decor yet their hallways fall short. Why do hallways, especially long ones, seem to be such an afterthought or completely neglected? According to Taoist beliefs that are reflected in Feng Shui, chi (energy) travels through your home. However, if a long dark and dreary hallway is uninviting, it may not make the journey to enter into the other rooms of your home. Hallways need to be welcoming and as thoughtfully decorated as the rest of your house is.
If your hallway is closed off and dark, lighting is crucial. This doesn’t necessarily have to rely on overhead lighting either. A small decorative lamp on a table or shelf or a motion light is a wonderful addition as well.
To help positive energy flow down your hallway to the next room, mirrors or other reflective objects are essential. Not to mention, they make visitors feel a little more comfortable as they pass through as well.
A lovely leafy plant at the end of the hallway will draw energy in that direction. Just be sure to move it into the sun sometimes throughout the day as needed. Plants have a way of breathing new life into a room so use them wherever you can!

A great bathroom vanity..

Don’t shy away from simple, especially when it is simply gorgeous like this Jessica Floating Bathroom Vanity. It is a minimalist approach to the often over-cluttered vanity. The central piece is composed of an oval sink atop a floating rectangular base, and it is this unique feature that makes the Jessica Vanity a must for any minimalist loft or apartment low on space. The sink is high-quality porcelain with a stylish faucet, and the base is solid oak. The set is finished off with a matching mirror to hang above. The contrasting white of the sink and rich oak in the base make this vanity stand out, even as it appears to be naturally coming out of the wall itself. The Jessica Floating Bathroom Vanity can be found at LineaAqua.net for $1460.88.

There you have it... some good tips

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