Sunday, February 3, 2013

Make Someone Happy With A Birthday Card

 Birthday cards are the best thing to express your feeling to someone. All the other things such as gifts and greetings may have their own significance, but over the times the value of the card has remained the same. It can act as both, a greeting and a gift. Someone may think that how can it be regarded as a gift, but you should keep in mind that the thing that carries emotion with it, is the best thing that you can give to someone. And birthday cards have always been the most eminent thing to convey your feelings and emotions to someone on their birthday. You can make them at home, buy them and now you can also send an e-card to someone, just like an email. Various online shopping websites also provide you the facility to buy cards at their website, and it will be delivered to the concerned person by them.

There are various types of cards:

  • Home made
  • Traditional Cards
  • E-cards
  • Musical cards
  • Self recorded cards
  • Bonus cards
Homemade cards are the simplest of the lot. They can range from having a simple crayon drawing on a piece of paper or a verse or picture printed on paper. The best thing about the homemade cards are that they reflect your level of attachment with the person you are giving the card. You can write what you want and express what you feel. The single fold printed cards are considered as the traditional form of the birthday cards that are inexpensive to buy. The category includes cards for different classes of people including teachers, friends, and family member etc. traditional cards are also available on online shopping websites that also sometimes offer them free with a birthday gift purchased at that website. E-card is just like an email. There are various websites that provide you the facility to send an e-card to a person. Musical and self recorded cards are the subcategories of a broader category. There is a small chip inserted in the card, and when you open such a card, the music or the voice recorded in the chip begins to play. Musical cards play the default music loaded on them, while in self recorded cards, you can record your own voice and can send a message of your choice to the person.

Birthday Cards Sample
Birthday Cards
Birthday Cards

Bonus birthday cards are the one that is given away with the gifts. Any of the above mentioned types can be used to attach it with a gift. The card has the message or feelings that you want to convey to the person. Most of the online shopping websites offer a free bonus card with a birthday gift as described earlier. Moreover there are bonus cards for special purpose e.g. birthday money cards. They have a pocket in which sender can place money to be given to the recipient.

Birthday Cards #2
Birthday Cards
Birthday Cards Sample

So there is a lot of variety to choose from. Never forget to greet your near and dear ones on special occasions. Always try to give them a card at least, as it will make them happier and  make the relation more strong.


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